Cupid Dating – Beyond the Dating Site

Cupid Dating – Beyond the Dating Site

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Cupid Dating can Change your Life.

In these fast paced times of internet relationship’s, iphones, and anime, dating has become fashionably fast, sleek, and modern. A sloppy pickup line, a cocktail, a shared tab, maybe a movie for those who are really romantic, and then… the exciting hop into bed. While this fast paced scene is convenient, and puts personal pleasure first, dating itself has lost its charm, romance is often forgotten completely, and pleasurable is not fun any more.

A Revolution is Occurring. Be a part of it!

In the backlash against the short, cold relationships that are now the norm, a revolution is happening! People everywhere, from single professionals, to married couples, from match daters to speed daters, men and women from all walks of life are finding exciting, passionate, and fulfilling relationships that move the heart, and stir the blood.

Cupid Dating is Easy and Fun…
And will Super-Charge your love life!

It doesn’t require Money. Anybody can do it. You only need a little imagination, a sprinkle of time, and bit of cleverness, and you’ll be able to win the heart and passion of your lover. Don’t have enough of those? That’s what we’re here for! Let the Cupid Dating Guide show you the path of romance. Learn to Cupid Date with the best!

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So What Is Cupid Dating Anyway?

The internet seems to be fairly quiet when it comes to the definition of cupid dating. The term seems to be played with here and there, usually in context of advertising a “cupid” dating site such as, or, but no one seems to actually know what it means! Well, we are going to fix that gap, and explore cupid dating in all of it’s glory!

Discovering Cupid Dating

In order to determine what ‘cupid dating’ is, it makes most sense to look to ‘Cupid‘ for answers, as dating is rather common idea that most people past puberty probably have a pretty good grasp of. Platonic Love embraced by cupid dating cherub(In case you are fuzzy on the concept, check out Wikipedia’s article here). Cupid has many facets, and he is more than just a rosy cheeked little baby with wings and an arrow!

The modern concept of Cupid as a chubby little Cherub lends a sweet, innocent appeal. Cupid can be easily seen as the symbol of the platonic love one might feel for one’s child, (over half of the greeting cards sent to people on Valentine’s Day in the U.S. are sent to children). And of course Cupid is also popularly thought of as bringing pure romantic love that one might feel for a beautiful but untouchable woman for whom you will pine for eternity (or if you were lucky, Cupid might cause to return your love) such as was often represented during the renaissance.

Cupid’s roots however, run deep, and tap into a more exotic and earthy past.

It was Cupid of the Roman Era, and even earlier it was Eros from Greece, who formed much of our innocent little Valentine’s Day cupid’s past. While angelic cherubim ‘cherubs’ are described in the bible, Altar_Mars_Venus_Massimo_Cupid Dating Relief(and considered by some to have roots in ancient Persia), Cupid and Eros are much more associated with lovers and passion. These pagan religions of the past were only to willing to worship the god of their desire’s, and to assign him the responsibility for their more earthy passion’s as well.

With his past, Cupid brings to dating the embodiment of Eros and Latin amor. And so, passion, desire, and Eros, are combined with the cherub’s innocence, sweetness, and love to create the embodiment of ‘Cupid Dating’.

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